Jeon (Korean Pancake)

“Jeon” which is one of the Korean food that are eaten very much frequently among Koreans are often translated as Korean pancake. However, as pancakes are mostly eaten as breakfast, Jeon is more of a food that is eaten as dinner or snacks. Koreans usually think of it as a food that they eat when it rains. Many predict that the sound of frying Jeon is quite similar to what it sounds like when raindrops falls to the ground.

There are many types of Jeon. You can add anything, literally anything with Flour, water and egg(sometimes you don’t even need an egg). Then you put the ingredient in front of Jeon to show its identity. For example if you make a Jeon with Kimchi, then it’s called a “Kimchi Jeon”.

Last week, it has been raining in Korea(where I am currently residing-Seoul area) quite often, so I made Jeon.

Here is the recipe, which is super simple.

1. You mix any greenish vegetable(best if you slice up some thin spring onions, chives or even Kimchi ect.), sliced onions with any type of seafood without any shells(best if you put some squid, shrimp). 


I added some water celery (does it exist in any other countries as well? It is called “Mi-na-ri” in Korea, has a great fresh smell and flavour), some sliced onion, with chopped squid with some shrimps, and also an egg.

2. You pour some flour into the mixture of everything above,

R1280x0 I poured in one cup of flour in and then added 2/3 cup of water and a table spoon of salt into it. (no picture of this though..) When the dough is not too stiff enough, and evenly mixed, then pour some vegetable oil(olive oil is not the best choice, preferably Canola oil or soybean oil- where I think you can easily find in Chinese market) into the pan for the pre-heat.

3. Then you cook it until the dough is all cooked, just like pancakes. (If you would like your Jeon to be crispy on the side, you can leave the Jeon a little longer, just enough to get the crispy edge. Remember not to leave the Jeon too long on the pan.)

4. The complete version of “Jeon” should look something like this!


Somehow looks a bit like a pancake with seafood and vegetables, but tastes totally different.

And Jeon goes really well with Korean rice wine called “Mak-geol-li”. It is a wine made out of rice, a little sweet, with a little scent of rice. I will introduce different types of rice wine , aka Mak-geol-li later in one of my postings. For that day, I had a banana rice wine, it was okay… not bad at all, but I would recommend you to try the normal type of rice wine.


This is the banana rice wine(Mak-geol-li) I had. Tasted a little bit like banana milk gone bad. 🙂 🙂 haha


And for those of you who are currently living in Korea, you can just buy a easy-made Jeon mix, where you can find it online or at your nearest supermarket.  You simply need to buy this thing and mix everything, then the only thing you have to do is just to cook it on the frying pan. I would recommend the easy-made mix below. You can never fail making Jeon with these.

1. Kimchi Jeon mix (looks spicy, but not spicy at all)

오뚜기 초간편 김치전 믹스, 320g, 2개

2. Potato(Gamja) Jeon Mix (This, you can enjoy with anyone within your family, even the kids)
오뚜기 초간편 감자전믹스 200G, 1개

3. And if you want to enjoy variety types of Jeon, I would recomment the mix below, where you can get 4 types of Jeon mix, including Kiimchi Jeon, Potato Jeon, Pumkin Jeon and Seafood Jeon. Plus, this type is in a cup which means that you dont even need a bowl to mix everything in.
hj마켓 CJ백설 모듬전(김치전 해물파전 감자전 녹두빈대떡)4종 1세트 전믹스, 1개

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